Tetra Hotel

Tetra Hotel

Diamond-shaped hotel pods, designed for offsite manufacture, are the outcome of our collaboration with the architects at Innovation Imperative to develop a futuristic modular hotel with bars, restaurants, and large event spaces.

We have designed the pods into a 42-suite concept building called Tetra Hotel, which is the first modular property of its type, and an invitation to the leisure industry to rethink the use of modular buildings for luxury accommodation.

Exterior view of the Tetra Hotel pods in an hard to reach location
Tetra Hotel - the world's most futuristic hotel

When the hotel is built, each of the 19m-high pods, featuring fully-integrated bedrooms, living areas, showers and work areas, will be assembled on-site, in formations to suit the local topography. The modules will bolt on to rock at the base to minimise foundation work.

Flexibility is a key benefit of modular construction, and we have designed the reinforced concrete panels of the pods for local manufacture almost anywhere in the world.  The sustainable technologies we have incorporated, including integral insulation, will help make each Tetra hotel a carbon-neutral, autonomous structure.

inside view of a room pod at the Tetra Hotel