NYPSO hospital

NYPSO NYPSO hospital, Sweden

A modular façade that has the appearance of traditional brick construction is the distinguishing feature of this hospital on the east coast of Sweden. Bricks were used in the manufacturing process to produce panels that offer the efficiency benefits associated with offsite construction, yet a masonry-style outer layer.

The resulting modular building is appropriate to its surroundings. Much of the property in the attractive coastal town of Oskarshamn is built of brick.

Geometrical precision was a critical aspect of the design process. Exact alignment of the brick pattern on the panels was essential because it is easy for the eye to see irregularities in a brick wall.

The advantages of offsite construction on this project included the fact that the panels have a highly-effective insulated core because the location can be very cold in winter. It was also possible to construct the hospital quickly once the panel design had been finessed.

t-shaped brick wall at NYPSO Hospital
NYPSO hospital, Sweden
Brick wall at NYPSO Hospital using modular components
NYPSO hospital, Sweden