Newfoundland, UK

On Newfoundland, a 60-story residential landmark building in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf, our truly hybrid solution sequencing offsite and onsite construction methods reduced the superstructure construction time by 10%.

Front view of the Newfoundland Tower, almost completed with cranes

The location of the site presented some interesting challenges for our team. On this tightly-constrained site with live tube tunnels running directly underneath, an innovative solution was needed to achieve stability whilst keeping the building as light as possible. The answer was a steel diagrid system that distributed the load to eight founding points.

Aerial view of the diagrid structure used on Newfoundland tower

To strengthen the structure to resist the kicking forces present in the diagrid design at each node floor, we combined pre-cast and post-tensioned concrete. Newfoundland is due to complete in 2019.


core structure of Newfoundland in Canary Wharf